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My Respected Brother / Sister.

Sub : Seeking your patronage, membership to Bahujan Sena (BS) for political empowerment of the underprivileged sections, eradicate corruption, promote accountable and functional democracy.. Regarding

Ref : Resolution of Bahujan Sena vide BS/01/2016 Dt.12th December, 2016

I, M.A.Mujeeb, (Farmer, Ex IAF, Advocate at High Court) wish to submit the following aims and objectives of our Bahujan Sena (BS) seeking your patronage and membership to your respective Municipal Ward or Village General Body Meeting of our Bahujan Sena (BS).


(1). Promote Smaller States, Develop them into economically strong, make India strongest Union.
(2). Pre-selection of MLAs, MPs etc by Public, whoever polls a majority vote among Bahujan Sena intending candidates in their preliminary vote shall get Bahujan Sena ‘B” Form (MLA or MP’s ticket).
(3). Recall of MLA / MP by Public on their inaction, incapacity, corruption and who fails to answer the public in weekly General Body Meetings, not attending 3 consecutive monthly GBM vide MoU.
(4). Checks & Balances : Respective constituent General Body Meetings to check to audit day today’s performance of MLA / MP for making them accountable to the people from each Village / Municipal Ward, Block / Mandal, District, State and All India Level.
(5) President, Political Posts/Sarpanch to CM/ PM on rotation between OBCs, Dalits, EBCs, Minorities’ Men and Women of respective communities.
(6) Working Committee at village / ward level and Polit Bureau at the national level to address the Socio-Economic-Political aims, objectives and empower respective Parishad and Bahujan Sena (BS).
(7) Implement reservation in Legislature 48% BCs, SC-18%, STs-12%, 12% Muslims, 5% Christians and 5% EBCs (50% to women, 30 % youth from such community) in Legislature,Local Bodies.
(8) Redressal of public grievance in 15 days, and Court case in one year, appeals in one year each.
(9) Ombudsman with Teeth from Mandal / Block, District and Vigilance Officer upto national level, to eradicate corruption with adequate teeth and to protect public interests.
(10) Removal of Quasi Judicial Powers from Executive and creation of respective Tribunal.
(11) Free Education upto Post Graduation with specialisation, implement Right to Education in letter and spirit and Compulsory NCC & Sports from 8th Class,
(12) Pro-poor welfare measures like Re.1/- Kg rice, health schemes, scholarships etc.,.to continue.
(13) Modernization of public Institutions schools, colleges, hospitals with corporate infrastructure.
(14) Agricultural Board at Mandal/Block, free seeds, fertilizers, tractor ploughing support to small /medium farmers. Storage facility of agriculture products, resolve rate of agricultural products.
(15) Self employment loans to establish Cottage, SSIs, Medium and large scale industries by Bahujans within 60 days as the State to be guarantor of such loans.
(16) Regularisation of deserving contract employees and scholarships to probationers.
(17) Out of turn promotions to honest & hard working public servants.
(18) Corporate Infrastructured 100 bedded hospitals at Mandal / Block, 10 bedded hospitals in each Gram Panchayath with respective lab facility.
(19) All essential commodities to one and all at the rational prices.
(20) Specialisation in areas in respective service, dishonest to be removed.
(21) Protection of women and girls from all types of harassments.
(22) Social Security Allowance to unemployed degree qualified.
(23) Study, uniform maintenance allowance from Class I to PG students to Bahujan Students.

(24) Autonomy to the police with its accountability to the Judiciary, removal of batsman.
(25) UNSC permanent seat, accelerate India’s position across the globe.
(26) To work by the Socialistic, Secular and Democratic principles in letter and spirit. Among other.

Voice of Bahujan Vidyarthi Sena : Indian White Paper (Daily)

Membership: You can become member of Bahujan Sena on-line Your can also become its member through your respective community's parishad as under :
(i) BC through,
(ii) SC or ST ,
(iii) Muslim,
(iv) Christian ,
(v) Middle class ,
(vi) Woman,
(vii) Student etc.,

Bahujan Sena's accredidated media : Indian White Paper,

Your advise is solicited to lay a road map for the all round advancement of all sections. Regards.
Yours brotherly,
M.A.Mujeeb. (Ex IAF), M.P.M LLB., Advocate High Court,
National Convener : Bahujan Sena (,